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One platform for multi-location management

Our Enterprise Dashboard is a single interface for real-time management of intrusion, energy, door access, and video systems across multiple business locations. Instead of managing locations separately, you organize them into a top-down hierarchy of groups. View live and recorded video from cameras across multiple locations from anywhere and remotely export incident footage for sharing. Filtered activity searches make it easy to perform accurate investigations or audits. Dig deeper into events or trends that you see by pulling associated video clips and user code logs for up to a year.


Our machine learning algorithm monitors your day to day operations and identifies unusual activity. Set up an Unexpected Activity alert so you’re the first to know when something out of the ordinary happens. Automatic arming detects if your property is left vulnerable after hours and arms it automatically. Use access control to arm/disarm the alarm based on card swipe rules or set business hours. Accurately detect people and vehicles entering your property while ignoring unimportant motion like rain or shadows. Receive real time alerts of trespassers or unexpected guests in prohibited areas or after hours. 


Ensure your cameras are online, recording, and confirm your views are unobstructed with video health reporting. Be the first to know if a business location is opening late or closing early and who was responsible. Setup additional alerts for when the power goes out and is restored, a door is left open, or your freezer temperature is out of a preset range. 


If an alarm is triggered, you can receive a video alert and quickly verify whether it’s an emergency or false alarm with one touch on the mobile app. The Enterprise Dashboard gives you ultimate control of your alarm arming state, door locks and schedules, thermostat set points and more for all business locations. Lock, unlock, and buzz doors open from anywhere using the mobile app or website. Easily add and revoke mobile lock control permissions to ensure your property is secure and the right people have access when they need it. 

Reduce false alarms with flexible automation rules and schedules. Automatically disarm the alarm when the first employee badges in for the day and have them double tap their card to arm on the way out the door. 


Business activity reports provide information on peak traffic times, alarm & system issues, and property activity. You can schedule reports including, summaries of key information such as open/close times, access history, or walk-in freezer temperatures, to be automatically emailed to managers or pull them up instantly from the mobile app or website. Query and filter up to 1 year of activity history in real time across all locations or selected groups of locations.  


Create and delete user codes instantly and manage your monitoring station emergency contact list right from the mobile app or website. 

Add or remove access users and cards in seconds from either the mobile app or website. Bulk-add hundreds of users at once or set cards to automatically deactivate on a certain date in real time. Manage user codes and access permissions across groups, in bulk, to save time and increase consistency across all locations. 


Video Surveillance (CCTV) Security System can be used in both internal and external environments to watch over and protect people, property, vehicles, and valuables. A CCTV security system is considered to be the most effective method of reducing crime. CCTV systems can provide instant alerts when problematic trouble occurs, ensuring that crime against people, theft, and vandalism are all substantially reduced and covered. And when crime does occur, CCTV security system incident recordings can provide valuable evidence, improving the likelihood of a conviction. If you are thinking of installing or expanding a CCTV system, then we have a special offer for you… Our proprietary CCTV System Audit. We will come to your home or facility and identify your CCTV essentials based on your specific needs. 


Authenticate and authorize individuals to access the information they are allowed to see and use.

Access control consists of two main components, authorization and authentication to guarantee that users have appropriate access to company data. Physical access controls protect the assets on-site, while Virtual protect access to computer systems.


Security & Automation

If you’re tired of security companies using “scare tactics” and selling you services and repairs that aren’t needed, or frustrated with spending money on security systems that are not upgradeable or expandable in the future, then you’ve come to the right place.

With over 34 years of experience helping commercial, industrial and residential clients get the right security and safety systems and backing up all work with our unmatched 9 Point Golden Guarantee, we vow to CURE your security headaches – once and for all.


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