How to Stop Stolen Packages In Three Easy Steps

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We’re all doing more of our shopping online this year. For package thieves, that’s a gift.

However, there’s an easy way to keep your deliveries out of their hands.

With a modern home security system that includes a doorbell camera and smart lock, you can see and secure your deliveries in seconds, from wherever you are. Here’s how to stop package theft in three quick steps.

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Step #1: Verify Your Visitor

You’ll know your package is here when the delivery driver rings your doorbell camera, triggering an alert on your smartphone. Open your app for a live video view of the driver, then tap the microphone button to say hello.

Step #2: Direct Your Delivery

If you’re home but prefer not to go to the door right now, you can ask the driver to leave your package outside for you to pick up when they leave.

If you’re away from home, you can ask the driver to leave it inside instead. Simply unlock your door using the lock icon that you’ll see on your doorbell camera feed in your app. This action can disarm your security system too.

Step #3: Secure Your Door

Once the delivery driver closes your door again with your package safely inside, use your app to lock up. As a final touch, re-arm your security system to ensure that your home is professionally protected for the rest of the day.

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