Recent technology has given home automation a new meaning beyond lighting and simple appliance control.




With home automation technology, you can control security systems, temperature settings, door locks, garage door openers, lighting and much more. Just set up your preferences, then tap a button or use a voice command to set the scene for waking up, leaving the house, having dinner, and any other customized moments you envision. It’s exactly what you need, right when you need it. Scenes let you control any or all of your smart devices with a single command. Siri Shortcuts lets you activate Scenes with your voice alone. Just use your app to set up a custom Siri voice command to trigger any scene. For example, you could start the day with a “Hey Siri… good morning!” command to activate your Wake Up scene, which turns on your lights and disarms your security system.

Temp controls

Extend property protection to your business. You can monitor temperature-controlled assets like refrigerators with temperature monitoring. Protect critical assets by monitoring the temperatures of freezers/refrigerators, server rooms, medical supplies, and more. Receive alerts if temperatures exceed a set range and retrieve historical reports summarizing temperature conditions for compliance. You can also restrict employees from cranking up the AC or blasting heat outside of a temperature range you define. Use the energy dashboard to view current temperatures and control set points for multiple locations.

Custom Scenes

You know the mental checklist you run down every time you leave the house? Your preset Away Scene takes care of it. Tap your app once to have your doors lock, your security system arm itself, your garage close, your lights turn off, and the thermostat set itself back to save energy. Ready for lights-out? Just activate your preset or customized Sleep Scene and your security system will arm itself, lock the doors, adjust the thermostat, lower the shades, and turn your lights down, all to your exact specifications.


An effective way to lower your energy bill is to set your thermostat back a few degrees when your house is empty. But when you are late for work or excited for a road trip, it’s easy to forget. Geo-Services work with your smart thermostat and can take care of this forever. When the system sees that you are leaving (and that no one else is home), your thermostat will set back for automatic savings. On your way back home, Geo-Services works in reverse, ensuring that things are comfortable when you get there. As well as turning your thermostat back up, Geo-Services can turn on your smart lights as you arrive home.

Real-Time alerts

ATS smart home security system gives parents a “sixth sense” in the form of real-time alerts generated by sensors which monitor activity around your home. This security system can be easily used as a childproofing tool by Monitoring Forbidden Areas and sending alerts when a contact sensor is triggered. You typically find these devices on exterior doors and windows, but you can attach them to any door or drawer for childproofing purposes. They’re easy to install anywhere such as, refrigerator doors, kitchen cabinets, the nursery door, or wherever else you may think to add as your child grows.



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